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[Spoilers] New NPC in game has a minor visual issue, and I think the solution is simple.

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Spoilers for the new update, even if other threads may spoil it.


So, I just wanted to point out a simple issue with CHARLIE'S ART!

I think it's a simple issue, one that can be improved with a minor (yet important!) tweak.


The eye shadow has a line that defines it, and it... well, it's hard to explain but it's doing something to my brain, and my brain doesn't like it.

If we look at other character portraits, none of them have line definition in their eye shadow.

This keeps their art with just enough contrast to the characters facial features, without going overboard and becoming overly detailed.

And if anyone argues that this rule should be ignored because shes the queen, or shes taller or something, im going to send you to the shadow dimension

Edit: Oh, and I just wanted to say, other than this minor issue, I really DO like her art! Anyone who knows me knows I have had some issues with some of the modern art pieces, but I think she's really well done.


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I would say it's definitely an improvement, for eyeshadow the bold lines make it too harsh. Also I think it does look better when zoomed out


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4 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

I think those are her eyelids not eyeshadow, therefore the upper line would just be defining her eye as a whole

What ever they are, it's the classic "Don't starve character eyebags" and I think scrimbles is right here, they look better without the outlines.

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