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A few days ago I was thinking about a possible factions mode for ONI. Here it is below.

Each team has a slightly different start (like moonlets) with few resources (start asteroids, tundra, water, regolith). The starting asteroids are very bare-bones, containing little more than a starting biome, a secondary biome (cold, rust, or sweetles), magma, and space. The only geysers are hot water on the water planet and volcanoes in each magma biome. There are no teleporters.

Each player in a team starts on a different inner asteroid. The players share resources, and can easily pass dupes to one another.

Each team has a small starmap (no POIs) and there is one more starmap, the “war zone.” Temporal tears lead to the war zone, and each team has a corresponding TT to go back. In this area are the following:

- The superconductive asteroid 

- The marshy asteroid

- An asteroid full of metal volcanoes and the old electrum biome. I’m gonna call this the “metal moon”

- All the mineable POIs (and the teapot)

- A new POI that has (in order of amount) Abyssalite (you have to mine this if you want to mine at all here), ice, and diamond. I’m going to call it the “Tundra cloud”

You can go through other teams’ tears, but only once the team on the other side has opened it. A team has 50 cycles of immunity after opening the portal.

Invasion Rules:

- You cannot land on another teams’ landing pad unless they allow it manually

- Blastshot Cannons shoot down other teams’ trailblazer landers unless specifically told not to (or they are distracted)

- No deconstructing or building over other teams’ buildings (unless they let you)

- You cannot control other teams’ dupes

- Dupes cannot attack each other unless given the 4th tier skill “Improved Combat IV” (followed by three previous tiers of faster attacking)

- No attacking doctors. Dupes cannot be doctors and soldiers at the same time. Picking one permanently locks out the other, even if skill scrubbed.

- Dupes can steal from autosweepers, sweepy, and other dupes (if target is carrying more than 10kg+strength modifier).

How do you think a factions system would work?


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I am quite happy that Klei decided for a single player experience and put their resources to make the game better for people who like suvh gameplay. So no multiplayer or co-op needed for me.

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14 hours ago, SGT_Imalas said:


the game does not support symmetrical multiplayer

I phrased my question wrong. A better way to ask would be: “If you were designing a multiplayer mode, what would the mechanics be?”

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I dont think it is possible, Current engine is extremely demanding as it is. If you add another player, with its own asteroid to simulate, even best PC will act as potato...

We need new engine for that, and it will not be until ONI 2 (which is not even announced)

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9 hours ago, IHaveQuestions said:

I’m new here, thanks for telling me

No worries, the multiplayer idea comes back every few months. The consensus is that it`s not possible to do it in an enjoyable way. The game just takes too long and pausing it every few minutes or at every emergency is pretty important. It would be really hard to sync everything and could be extremely frustrating even when it would work.

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