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Klaus is stronger than moon.

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I was thinking about any use for the planar damage mechanic in the current actual gameplay, and an idead came to me "If planar damage is fixed, and ignores armor, can i use it to break through enraged Klaus's defence?" The answer is no, he just naturally receives less damage. And here i thought about it being usefull for something.

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Itd totaly be cool if it was an armor peircer vs enraged klaus, toadstool, rock lobsters, slurtles, etc...

It may not be practical but it would be nice to have, at least on toadstool. Anyone know if it peirces thru armor In pvp?

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Klaus doesn't have Armor, it's Damage Reduction. These are two different mechanisms.

Generally speaking, mob have Armor only when it is actually wearing one, it only applies to damage caused by "attacks". Otherwise it is Damage Reduction, it applies to all types of damage, like food and fire (although it is also divided into different categories internally, it is not necessary to distinguish too much because the calculation method is all multiplied).

For example, if a Splumonkey steals your Thulecite Crown, Brightshade Bomb (200 planar damage) can kill it immediately without damaging your crown. As another example, Wigfrid has a 25% damage reduction, which allows her to better fight Brightshade.


The only exception is Cozy Bunnyman from YOTB event. Does it seem to have some kind of invisible armor? So fire and plane damage can kill it. I'm not sure how it works.

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