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Ok, so… i was exploring some of the random generated maps and after some time on them I realized 2 big facts.

1: Islands… islands everywhere xD

Ok it’s cool to have some island with different ecosystems but “joint by bridges?” not the most “realistic” way I think… but it’s just in beta yet and I understand the job that takes programing different aspects of a game. Anyway… I wanted to suggest some more realistic connections between the islands and I could only think of 2 ways to do it.

Adding a beach like environment would take a big lot of work but would be really REALLY worth it, because a beach means more creatures to hunt, a big lot of new possible resources like salt, shells, etc. and most importantly a place to build rafts which you could use to go fishing or as transport between the islands… then again being able to build rafts inquires the need to put some water dangers like sharks, octopus, etc. and a limit to the map or even better… no limit and you starve on your boat trying to get out of there xD

2: No “inside” areas u.u!

Not even one underground area or even a small house where you can go in to get shelter not only from darkness and creatures but from weather itself. Yes… I’m suggesting some more permanent shelter like houses of some sort (at a very high material cost of course) and to include weather to the game (Rain, Storms, etc…)

A more simple way to find shelter in the wilderness is to find a cave… yes warm and dry but full of darkness and creatures, with caves you can have a good way to connect some island, a dark creepy place to explore or call home if you dare, more resources like rare metals (iron, silver, copper, etc) new creatures like bears which you could attract with the honey from the bees and even some more creepy inhabitants like bats and the best part is… it fills in perfectly with the forest environment and the survival theme from the game.

So, what I’m suggesting is… 1 add beach environment, 2 water life is as good as dangerous, 3 add caves environment, 4 some weather would be nice, 5 change the bridge connection between island and instead you can connect them with caves or chose to go for them on your custom built raft.

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums and to the game!

You might want to search the forums before posting as your ideas have been suggested several times by several other fans. :)

You can also visit my blog and click the suggestions link as I will post the more interesting suggestions and also links to the threads.

LadyD and some of the fans have already gotten up a thread of the most constantly requested suggestions here.

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Thx for the welcome pal, and sorry i was so excited with the potential of this game that i just couldn't wait to post some ideas u.u!

That's a nice compilation of ideas i see... the only "new" one i would be adding here are the caves, so i'll polish it as mush as i can then still have hopes for it xD

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The cave theory has actually been suggested and discussed in several threads as well, the idea just didnt make it in the "common suggestions thread" for some reason :)

I believe part of the reason is because when I brought up the idea last week LadyD mentioned that there were technical issues preventing the implementation of underground caverns. I'm not sure if there are or not, but I would certainly love to see something along those lines as several players were stoked at the idea of exploring a more unforgiving landscape (i.e. no bunnies, birds, berry bushes, carrots, beefalo, spiders or pig men to hunt/eat, only mushrooms, albino fish, and maybe bugs...). Plus no wood or straw, so players would need to bring all the resources they needed with them first before venturing into the perpetually dark caverns.


I want caverns. :)

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