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Ancient Archives and Dust Moths

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Hi, my Ancient Archives only has 2 Dust Moths. Since Dust Moths were added to the game it hasn't been worth it for me to cook 2 Ambrosia, run to the Ancient Archives, feed them, then come back later for 8-10 Thulecite Fragments. Can there be some way to create more Dust Moths?

Obviously there are better methods of collecting Thulecite, so I never took the time to make a post about this, but I figured I'd mention it here to see if anything can be done. I never go to the Ancient Archives, there's nothing to do there, but it's an awesome area with the Chandeliers. 

Also, the Sentrypede followed me outside of where it can be resurrected. I killed it there, now it's dead forever, even if I wanted it alive. 

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You're probably better off mining their nests and taking off as soon as you've fed them and confirmed that they're rebuilding, so that you'll know you won't have to wait on them next time you go back. Yeah though, dust moths are a pretty inefficient method of accumulating Thulecite, probably intended as a last resort for those who've exhausted their supply, but aren't yet up to taking on the fuelweaver to reset the statues.

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The main issue is that you are guaranteed to only have 1 Dust Moth Den in a world. All others that spawn are pure chance and a very low odd one at that.

The number of dens is even smaller the smaller your archive biomes ends up being as well.

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