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[Suggestion] Feather Pencil Expanded

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Hello, our dear devs.

How about making a feather pencil not only be able to draw on mini signs and be used in paper-related crafts, but also be able to rename other stuff?

There's already a mod for that, but it's server-sided and is intended only for Backtrek and Rift watches, though Uncomp mod devs had a good idea of being able to rename every single item. 

It would be especially good as a client-sided feature, so renaming an item would still preserve its original name if given to the other player to prevent confusion.

Hope you can hear me out!

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I always think chests should have a 10th slot exclusively for mini signs. It's such a pain to have to plant the sign exactly on top of the chests which is completely unnecessary, in my opinion.

This will also make scale chests (13th slot) better because their mini signs can still burn in summer, which is sad.

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