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There really should be preventive measures for brightshades invading builds

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The last Beta hotfix greatly reduced the amount of brightshades that can spawn while also making them more easily fightable. While both of these are good changes, it doesn't really fix the main issue that the brightshades are massively detrimental to said builds. Having even one invade a build basically guarantees any nearby walls and mobs in said build are going to break/die, and you can't really do anything to prevent this.

On top of this, plants the player transplants to make said builds actually have priority when it comes to said spawning mechanics, meaning they are highly likely to invade said builds in the first place, and repeatedly at that. 

I feel any preventive measure would be appreciated for this. From waxing the plants, to digging the plants up with the shovel giving them a tag/quirk that prevents them from being targeted by brightshades, to nightmare lights preventing them, would be greatly appreciated for this. Just pretty much anything that allows them to be stopped from invading builds and destroying them from 1 invasion.

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5 hours ago, Nettalie said:

I'd personally say that a way to (at the very least temporarily) prevent them globally would be very nice.


Since AntLion was introduced I always though that is how these types of challenges should be handled.  Have some way to appease, delaying the attack and possibly gaining unique resources in trade or defeating the boss that is the source of the attacks cutting them off until it respawns.  Both hound waves and plant attacks could do this and probably be a lot better for it.

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