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[Suggestion] Make the celestial tab crafts prototypable at an empowered celestial orb

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Recently, Klei made it so you can craft items from the celestial forge on the go with you after you have prototyped them once. Personally, I would really like to see this for items on the celestial tab, since a lot of them would be much better to use if you could craft them anywhere with the required materials.

To keep it from being too powerful, I would suggest this an only happen at an “empowered” orb, or the celestial orb you get after the champion is defeated that has all the recipes from the altars. It would be a neat way to keep the crafts station bound early to midgame, but give them significantly more usability endgame without having to take the orb around with you constantly (and not even able to in the caves).

(Side note, it would be neat to see this with some of the ancient crafts, but I do not know how it would be implemented since there is no real equivalent from the fuelweaver).

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I fail to see how making it available at a non empowered orb would be "too powerful", half of the celestial tab items are decorations, the portal paraphernalia only needs to be crafted once and the only ones actually worth crafting on the go (axes and cutters) require moon glass which isn't as readily available pre-cc (since he drops a bajillion of it), IMO these items could use a much needed buff so if this gets implemented please don't lock it to the empowered orb, make it a thing for all the altars as well

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