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Mushy Cake doesn't prevent sleeping?

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Just now, dzzydzzy said:

Mushy cake doesn't prevent character from sleeping when standing near the new Grazers. Don't know if this is intentional, but feels like this extremely niche food should have a use in this situation.

It does? It doesn't stop the tired walk but Wicker isn't immune to that either

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57 minutes ago, sylvia wander o said:

IIRC mushy cake doesn't make you unable to be put to sleep, it just gives you a resistance to it. For example I seem to remember that if you eat mushy cake and then try to fight Bearger, she takes a few yawns to put you to sleep rather than just one. It's odd.

It would certainly be better if it gave sleep immunity for a short while. I guess this is why I've never seen it as part of the preparations for anything,

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They do. Mushy cake only increase sleep resistance, but doesn't provide sleep immunity.


Basically, grazers have aoe grogginess like napsack. Mushy cake does 2 things:

1. increase the grogginess threshold for falling asleep from 10 to 33 for a day. That means, normally, sleep happens at grogginess 10, but mushy cake delays it to 33, but eventually, you will fall asleep.

2. Eating a mushy cake instantly reset grogginess to 0. It let you stay awake or dizzy for another 33 grogginess period before falling asleep. Notice the eating action always instantly recover walking sleep.


So just have a stack of mushy cake and eat them periodically, and you will always be awake for a while. I'm assuming it's 33 seconds.

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