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[Game Update] - Public Testing 550377

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  • Developer

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Updated Korean localizations.
    • "Doomsday" Meteor Shower settings now have twice as many meteors, but with half the mass.
    • Meteors have less mass when playing on the “Cosmic Storm” meteor shower difficulty.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Now plays an idle animation when the Meteor Blaster hasn’t seen a meteor recently.
      • Storage changed to only accept 30 Blastshot shells.
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • The hanging lamp at the main fossil site now emits light once the full story trait has been completed and the site renamed from "Ancient Specimen" to "Fossil Quarry".
      • Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites can now be demolished after they get excavated, instead of waiting for the full story trait to be completed.
      • Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites will now drop fossil when they are excavated.
      • Updated story trait related artwork and animations.
      • Added sound for Duplicant interact at the main fossil site.
      • Added sound for Duplicant interact at the Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites.
      • Changed "Dusty" to "Obscured" for the decreased Decor attribute for fossils that have not yet been excavated. 
      • Updated excavation animations for all POIs. 
      • Completing the story trait now requires selecting the main fossil site or the completion notification.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Changed Trailblazer Lander and Rover's Lander to be able to land on 1 tile.
    • Meteors
      • Slime Meteor now has a germy Polluted Oxygen trail and deposits some Slime.
      • Bleach Stone Meteor's trail changed to Chlorine Gas.
      • Added impact effects to Algae, Slime, Phosphoric and Uranium meteors.
      • Significantly increased the amount of mass of Dust Fluff Meteors.
      • Changed flying and impact sounds for Oxylite Meteor.
      • Revised Fullerene Meteor artwork
    • Meteor Showers
      • Selecting an asteroid on the Starmap now lists potential types of meteor showers for that asteroid.
      • Identified meteor showers on the Starmap display the composition of meteors.
      • Removed Marshy Asteroid meteor shower.
      • Minor adjustments to Fullerene Meteor Shower.
      • Increased the length of the Ice Meteor Shower.
      • Changed the name of Muck Meteor Shower to Slimy Meteor Shower. 
      • Adjusted Oxylite Meteor Shower composition.
      • Reduced the length of Spaced Out! tuning of Gold, Copper, and Iron showers. Also increased frequency of meteor showers.


  • All versions
    • Fixed an issue where critters would sometimes freeze if a Duplicant tried to use their previous Grooming Station when there were no other eligible critters inside that room.
    • Cleared yellow alert on clothing assignment.
    • Fixed an issue where replacing backwall tiles would cause liquid/gas to leak in space.
    • Fixed issue causing Main Menu "New blueprints available" notification to sometimes fail to enable.
    • Fixed Sandbox Destroy tool crash destroying meteors.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Fixed a bug where the Meteor Blaster was dropping all Blastshots after firing the fifth Blastshot.
      • Blastshot is now categorized as an "Industrial Ingredient" and counted in the UI by units instead of mass.
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • Fixed a crash loading saves created during public testing.
      • Fixed an issue where a save would crash on load if the Fossil Quarry was entombed.
      • Fixed a bug where excavating POIs of the Ancient Specimen story trait in a specific order would skip one lore unlock.
      • Fixed an issue where save/load during a pending completion of the Ancient Story trait would not be completable. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Specimen story trait's name did not update to Fossil Quarry upon completion.
      • Fixed an issue where the story trait would not get completed if Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossils were excavated before the Ancient Specimen until the game was reloaded.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed potential crash returning to the main menu when viewing the Starmap.

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A quick question about the upcoming update (I'm on a challenge run right now so I didn't switch to testing yet):

Obviously the new Fossil POIs will require a new worldgen, but how about the meteors?

How will it affect existing colonies? If it's coming there, does it only affect planetoids that already had meteors or must we expect additional showers on other planetoids?

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