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  1. I would be happy if they'd just not land during a meteor shower. They could just orbit, and land one minute after the meteor shower is over and it's "safe".
  2. Some Steam games display additional information about in-game progress/status on the friends list: This is called Enhanced Rich Presence, additional info here: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/enhancedrichpresence Can we have this for ONI? I would love to have some additional info there, e.g.: UserName Oxygen Not Included 10 dupes alive at cycle 123
  3. One of the main uses of the Robo-Miner is mining space debris, obviously. And it's fine that it produces heat and needs cooling. Fair. However, could we please have the Robo-Miner exchange heat with the tile it sits on? So you could just run a cooling pipe through there and don't have to deal with that puddle of petroleum and weird placements on every single space setup? I would be so grateful for that.
  4. Update: It IS selectable when there's no pipe segments. If there's a pipe segment on the input/output ports, or in the middle (which usually is when a bridge is used) then it only ever selects the pipes, and I can't cycle though to get the bridge.
  5. Liquid/gas bridges are currently not selectable from the plumbing/ventilation overlays. The only way to select a bridge (e.g. for deconstruction) is to close the overlay and cycle through on the regular view. This has worked fine until a few updates ago.
  6. It's attached. However, I did some more testing and performance went back up after disabling mods, so it's most likely mod related and not a core game issue. Gotta find that mod now that has this huge performance impact. But it remains strange, though. The very same game with the same mods ran with perfectly fine performance a few days ago. Might be related the API version change in 391330 and I have to wait for my mods to be recompiled. Just fishing in the dark here. Bunker.sav Edit (solved): I've narrowed down the problem. It was the mod Efficient Supply that cut performance in half and worse with the latest patches. So if anyone else encounters performance problems, check for this mod, and disable/uninstall it.
  7. Does anyone else notice a severe performance drop with this patch? My cycle 2700 colony went down from ~30fps in the previous patch (also testing branch) to 10-15fps now. Quite a bummer.
  8. You guys missed out on an April Fools joke. Something like "added spiderman skill to the skill station a allow dupes climbing walls".
  9. Great job on the gas rendering. Looks really nice! The door artwork is great, except for the pneumatic door, IMHO. This door always had a "lighter" look and was great for room separation within the base without looking clunky like an airlock. Also, I appreciate that doors now block gases from space exposure, but shouldn't the pneumatic door be an exception to this in the first place? It's not an airlock and when gases/liquids can pass from one side to the other, why shouldn't they be affected from space exposure within the door tiles itself? This makes no sense to me.
  10. When using the Deconstruct/Cancel tool I usually have selected "Buildings" instead of "All", and I'm switching to the overlays to deconstruct/cancel other errands. However, after loading a game, the filter is always reverted to "All" and I forget about it, so it happens to me all the time that everything (including pipes/wires/automation) is deconstructed when I only wanted the building to be gone. A few months ago building material selection has been added to the save game. I feel like the "Tool Filter" selection for the Deconstruct/Cancel tool is a similar thing and should be saved, too.
  11. When constructing a new smart battery (or selecting a battery for the first time after loading a game), the texts for the sliders read "Break starts at" and "Break ends at" instead of "Standby" and "Active": . It reverts to "Standby" and "Active" after deselecting and reselecting the battery:
  12. You are in the automation overlay, I guess it's only there? It's the same for pipe inputs and conveyor ports when opening the respective overlays. I think this is intended, and as long it's just in the overlays, it's useful.
  13. This is odd. My rocket launched and the fuel indicator bar of my Solid Oxidizer Tank stayed in the hangar. And even more odd: My dupes are still delivering oxylite to it and the bar goes up! So it seems to be there and not there at the same moment. Mouseover doesn't show the tank, and clicking only gives me the vacuum tile behind it. I later tried to load this exact save state (where the rocket was on its way) to provide this state to you guys, but the bar was gone after reloading.
  14. My jet pack dock is right next to the exo suit dock and the tube system. More often than not my dupes choose to use the jet packs to do tasks outside the base even when there is no need. The jet packs are rather slow, and my dupes can reach their destination 2 or 3 times faster using the tubes or even on foot. Why do they choose the jet packs? When I have a dig/build project, it’s often faster to just lock the jet pack gate and force my dupes to go in their exo suits. Even with the additional ladder building it’s faster in the end. I’m sure routes/paths are a difficult thing to calculate, and maybe the jet packs are the shortest route by a tiny bit, but definitely not the fastest. It may be more fun for the duplicants, but it’s really inefficient. Plus, it uses petroleum and produces additional CO2 when it’s completely unnecessary. What would be a solution? optimize route/path calculation: if non-jet routes are faster (not necessarily shorter), always prefer those. Maybe even add an additional threshold: Do not use jet packs unless it’s at least 20% faster. do not use jet packs at all unless it’s necessary: Only allow jetpacks for tasks that can’t be done otherwise, e.g. out of reach builds/digs. Maybe it could even be a setting in the jet pack checkpoint: Always allowed / Allowed when faster / Only when necessary