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[Game Update] - 550377

Release Date: 03/28/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Updated Korean localizations.
    • "Doomsday" Meteor Shower settings now have twice as many meteors, but with half the mass.
    • Meteors have less mass when playing on the “Cosmic Storm” meteor shower difficulty.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Now plays an idle animation when the Meteor Blaster hasn’t seen a meteor recently.
      • Storage changed to only accept 30 Blastshot shells.
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • The hanging lamp at the main fossil site now emits light once the full story trait has been completed and the site renamed from "Ancient Specimen" to "Fossil Quarry".
      • Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites can now be demolished after they get excavated, instead of waiting for the full story trait to be completed.
      • Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites will now drop fossil when they are excavated.
      • Updated story trait related artwork and animations.
      • Added sound for Duplicant interact at the main fossil site.
      • Added sound for Duplicant interact at the Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossil sites.
      • Changed "Dusty" to "Obscured" for the decreased Decor attribute for fossils that have not yet been excavated. 
      • Updated excavation animations for all POIs. 
      • Completing the story trait now requires selecting the main fossil site or the completion notification.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Changed Trailblazer Lander and Rover's Lander to be able to land on 1 tile.
    • Meteors
      • Slime Meteor now has a germy Polluted Oxygen trail and deposits some Slime.
      • Bleach Stone Meteor's trail changed to Chlorine Gas.
      • Added impact effects to Algae, Slime, Phosphoric and Uranium meteors.
      • Significantly increased the amount of mass of Dust Fluff Meteors.
      • Changed flying and impact sounds for Oxylite Meteor.
      • Revised Fullerene Meteor artwork
    • Meteor Showers
      • Selecting an asteroid on the Starmap now lists potential types of meteor showers for that asteroid.
      • Identified meteor showers on the Starmap display the composition of meteors.
      • Removed Marshy Asteroid meteor shower.
      • Minor adjustments to Fullerene Meteor Shower.
      • Increased the length of the Ice Meteor Shower.
      • Changed the name of Muck Meteor Shower to Slimy Meteor Shower. 
      • Adjusted Oxylite Meteor Shower composition.
      • Reduced the length of Spaced Out! tuning of Gold, Copper, and Iron showers. Also increased frequency of meteor showers.


  • All versions
    • Fixed an issue where critters would sometimes freeze if a Duplicant tried to use their previous Grooming Station when there were no other eligible critters inside that room.
    • Cleared yellow alert on clothing assignment.
    • Fixed an issue where replacing backwall tiles would cause liquid/gas to leak in space.
    • Fixed issue causing Main Menu "New blueprints available" notification to sometimes fail to enable.
    • Fixed Sandbox Destroy tool crash destroying meteors.
    • Meteor Blaster
      • Fixed a bug where the Meteor Blaster was dropping all Blastshots after firing the fifth Blastshot.
      • Blastshot is now categorized as an "Industrial Ingredient" and counted in the UI by units instead of mass.
    • Ancient Specimen Story Trait
      • Fixed a crash loading saves created during public testing.
      • Fixed an issue where a save would crash on load if the Fossil Quarry was entombed.
      • Fixed a bug where excavating POIs of the Ancient Specimen story trait in a specific order would skip one lore unlock.
      • Fixed an issue where save/load during a pending completion of the Ancient Story trait would not be completable. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Specimen story trait's name did not update to Fossil Quarry upon completion.
      • Fixed an issue where the story trait would not get completed if Frozen, Amber and Petrified fossils were excavated before the Ancient Specimen until the game was reloaded.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed potential crash returning to the main menu when viewing the Starmap.

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