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DST bug about restarting everything whenever I load into the game


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Hi I was wondering if anyone here can help me cause klei support sucks. So I was loading into dst and I had to reaccept the EULA and after I did that all of my skins were unequiped but they were still there but all my worlds got deleted and I had like a day 500 world so that was annoying, but the main problem is that whenever I try loading into something the game just freezes and when I do get into a new world I made and quit it’s just gone like it gets deleted. And I have to restart the game reactor the EULA and reapply all of my skins. Is there any way to fix this? I’m on Xbox and I’ve restarted my Xbox, redownloaded the game, restarted the game, reset my entire Xbox deleting all saved games and profiles, I’ve restarted my internet also and the issue just won’t be fixed. I don’t hunk it’s an xbox issue because all of my other games are okay.

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