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Suggestion For New Item: Dreadstone Club, higher damage at lower durability.

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An interesting new weapon just popped into my head.



recipe: 4 dreadstones, 4 horrors, 3 living logs.


Base damage: 51 like spike (or 59.5 just like thulecite club)

Durability: 240 uses to justify high cost. (Thulecite club has 150 200 uses)

Special ability 1: As the weapon durability goes down, its damage increases. The damage increase = missing percentage of durability. So 90% club has 10% damage increase, 20% club has 80% damage. At 50%- durability, it will have 75+ damage

Special ability 2: Its durability can be repaired by horror, nightmare fuel or dreadstone. Nightmare fuel can repair 20 uses (compared to repair 24 uses to alarming clock), horror can repair 40 uses, dreadstone 80 uses.


When durability reaches 0, it breaks and disappears (dread to break).


Comparison to thulecite club for the context


1. cost: thulecite club can be crafted using easier resources such as nightmare fuel and thulecites. That's why dreadstone club has more durability.

2. damage: averagely, thulecite club has about 75+ damage on stationary targets, less on agile moving targets. dreadstone club's average is 75+ over its entire life cycle. But if you only use its last 100 uses like a dark word (also 100 uses), average damage is 90+.

3. Thulecite clubs have speed bonus. Dreadstone clubs have refuel abilities with the downside of potential breaking.

4. The refuel efficiency is similar to alarming clock refuel efficiency.

5. When dreadstone clubs have super low durability, they should have some sort of alarming animation to warn about breaking.

6. dreastone club numbers may require tuning down.


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Cool idea! Maybe would be an interesting mechanic for the damage difference to be drastic: terrible when full, and extremely good when pretty much about to break. And then when repairing it you get more than 20 durability back (maybe like 40?) to incentivize people to keep it really low, adding a sort of risk, unless they want a worse spear. You can deal massive amount of damage but if you overdo it then it breaks apart. 
..or maybe that would suck, I dunno :)

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26 minutes ago, skile said:

wasn't thulicite club buffed in durability during the first QoL update? I believe it has 200 uses now. 

this? thanks.

24 minutes ago, Dark Vapor said:

repairing it you get more than 20 durability back

I like to use reference when it comes to numbers. Wanda's alarming clock can restore 24 uses by each nightmare fuel. I don't think the club repairing number should be higher than 24 because Wanda's alarming clock is a perk.

There are 240 uses. Dark sword only has 100 uses. For the last 100 uses of Dreadstone Club, the damage range would be 80+ and it can be used just like a regular dark sword with extra caution. That by itself is already a really really good item, maybe even too good for the sake of number balancing.

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59 minutes ago, Marcin3672 said:

I like it, but the repairing mechanic seems a bit op to me. I would do it with only horrors, because you could just keep the weapon on low durability with nightmare fuel.

That's a really good point. I think we should respect nightmare fuel's current state. 1 nightmare fuel in dark sword can deal 68*20(uses) = 1360 damage. For last 100 uses, dreadstone clubs' average damage is 90+, 1360/90=15 uses. I think15 uses are fair. Alarming clock 's damage by 1 nightmare fuel is 24*81.6= 1960 to aged 3430. 1960/90 = 22 uses.

So I think 15 to 20 uses by 1 nightmare fuel is kinda fair with the downside of multitasking of preventing its breaking.

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