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  1. Thanks a lot dude! It's finally working as it should! Your help was priceless.
  2. Alright, I guess I’ll just try to make it so that the character is not a threat to prey (using tags). That means rabbits will also not run away, which makes no sense in my mod, but at least neither will birds. Until I can find another solution, this will have to do.
  3. I see. Well, I'll try to do that, but I started learning modding yesterday so I've not much idea how to do that. Thanks for giving me a hint in the right direction though This code, in the master_postinit of the beakey.lua file, gives an error when entering the testing server. It says that an "end" is missing for the "if", which makes no sense for me. Can't seem to fix this. AddBrainPostInit("birdbrain", function(self) local function ShouldFlyAway(inst) local busy = inst.sg:HasStateTag("sleeping") or inst.sg:HasStateTag("busy") or inst.sg:HasStateTag("flying") if not busy then local threat = FindEntity(inst, 5, nil, nil, {'notarget'}, {'player', 'monster', 'scarytoprey'}) if GetPlayer().prefab == "beakey" then -- error at this "if" return threat false end --there is clearly an "end" here return threat ~= nil or GetClock():IsNight() end end end end)
  4. Thanks, I already did that for my character. However, the hat just makes more birds spawn near you. They still fly away when you approach them. The point in my mod is for them to stay near you, since you’re a bird - so you can easily hunt them if you want to, but you’ll lose sanity for it (the sanity part, I’ve already implemented in my character.lua file) Everything works except this part.
  5. I’m making a bird character and I want birds & gobblers to not run away from it (the player will lose sanity from killing birds though). I found this forum post from 2019, describing my exact idea; as well as this one. I can’t figure it out because in the first forum post, the code given has a weird bug, as if there is no “end” aftern an “if”, even if there actually is one. No matter how I attempted to change the code, it still shows that stupid error. The poster said they couldn’t figure it out, but eventually created a new birdbrain file and it worked. Problem is, I have no idea how to do that or where. Please help me out, I can’t figure this out for the life of me.
  6. Well thanks for writing this, I was about to try this tutorial. Are there any better guides out there for making character mods? And is this one still up to date? Because I can’t find anything recent :/
  7. I wonder what happens if you put monster lasagna in- oh god, what have I done...
  8. Very big thanks. My chat and console are now working, but in order for them to work I have to click on the console bar / chat bottom bar, which is kind of annoying but I’m still glad it works. Thanks again.
  9. I just realized the problem. It's extremely weird but.. "profile" and "client.ini" are somehow reinstalling(?) themselves each time i launch the game. So what can I do next?
  10. So, is there a solution to this problem? The game is unplayable for me now If there is, what can I do?
  11. I only now realized that isn't the problem. it's the fact that neither the console nor the chats detects or does anything when i press enter. my enter button works, even in game, just not for the chat or console. really weird. tried looking it up and it surely seems I'm the only one experiencing this. anything i can do?
  12. I am using a MacBook Pro. As the title says, Console commands, and chat commands like /cry /facepalm /dance etc. are not working at all, with no mods active on my server. I have not had the issue before, and i have checked the integrity of the game files with no positive results. The problem persists on any servers that i am a host on. Is there a solution to my problem?
  13. Thanks for answering my question. Really looking forward to playing this. If I could help in any way, i would. Can’t code though :/. But I can draw well so if that’s needed
  14. Will SW mobs be included in the mod or not? Or just the water exploring and biomes?
  15. This is really cool. Great job guys, can’t believe I haven’t heard of this project sooner. I’m not sure if this was asked before but, will there be any mobs from SW?