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  1. I dreamed that klei introduced a new character called walson and everyone was pissed off at them because it sounds so similar to wilson. I don’t remember anything else except he looked like a fat wilson
  2. This didn't age well. Trust me, I wish it did.
  3. Yes, you are the single, one and only, person on Earth who has only just now done this. Congratulations.
  4. Why are there crows in those ancient murals if Maxwell says he doesn’t know how they got here and we’re shown (well, heavily suggested) in the Wes trailer that they are the descendants of two crows who chased Wes and accidentally entered with him?
  5. Well thanks for writing this, I was about to try this tutorial. Are there any better guides out there for making character mods? And is this one still up to date? Because I can’t find anything recent :/
  6. Personally I’d like to see more skins for items used in base decorating, such as floor tiles, walls, gates. Maybe even pig house skins that change the look of the pigmen that spawn - imagine a half timber house skin that spawns berkshire (black coloured) pigmen. Or a craftsmerm house that spawns axolotl or shark merms (like Wurt’s roseate and triumphant skins respectively). Or maybe a rabbit hutch that spawns dutch (black and white coloured) rabbits. Also I feel like wolfgang needs some diversity in his skins - they’re all just changes to his hair and mustache, his face and expression remains the same. I’d like to know what you think, and BTW. I’m gonna have some free time and I might draw some of your ideas if you want
  7. Thanks, that must be it, I was only cooking in a normal crockpot because the “predict” mod only works for that and I wanted to make sure I get the recipe right. Though I remember putting the correct ingredients in the portable one and it giving me wet goop.. I’ll try again today.
  8. For some reason, as Warly, I can’t cook his specific dishes - even though I am sure I got the recipe right. The result is either other (normal) foods, or wet goop. There are no server side mods, only a few client mods such as geometric placement and combined status. The only client side mod related to cooking is the one that “predicts” what you’re gonna get with your ingredients. Caves are off in this world (don’t think that’s relevant but who knows). Anyone have any idea what the reason could be?
  9. This actually makes a lot of sense. But I wonder, why would the previously set location of Pugna’s portal be the Gorge?
  10. I thought you meant she should be able to “stack” armor, as in, if she wears both a log suit and a pig skin helmet their protection stacks up. Or winter clothing, for example a breezy vest and a beefalo hat would combine their cold protection when worn by her. Which would be a cool mechanic
  11. Maybe Clockworks could have a chance fo drop more gears when she fights them? Or, to ensure they only drop when she’s the one fighting, there could be a small chance of them dropping a gear when hit (and then drop normal loot on death). Cause like, she’s a factory worker, she might be better at “disassembling” the things or hitting them in a way that destroys less of their inner workings? If that makes sense.
  12. You should probably have posted this in suggestions if you want the devs to see this
  13. Guys I don't have much time, this is a leaked screenshot from the beta version of a future DLC, make sure KLEI doesn't see. JK . Saw that quite a few people voted for an arctic-themed DLC for DST in that poll, and tried to make a concept for a MacTusk village, with a snowstorm going on (notice the "fog"). It took way more than I expected what would you like to see in an arctic-themed DLC?
  14. The update is out on console now. People were guessing that we’re gonna get the puzzle when the update is out on all platforms. Any new clues?