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Can't view DST General Forums page??


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For some reason I can't seem to view this page (link below) when logged in. I can view all other pages on the Klei forums (including posts made in DST general discussion), but I can't seem to view this page. If I log out (and clear my cookies) I can suddenly view it again (so I don't think it's a browser issue). I've also tried this on different browsers with the same results (Edge, FF, Chrome). Not sure if I did something to get myself blocked from this page, but thought it was odd.



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37 minutes ago, JoeW said:

Is it still not working for you?
Can you either clear browser crash or open in an incognito/private window?

Yes, it's still not working. It's been like this for a month or so now.

I can access the page after clearing browser cache or in a private window, but the moment I log in I get the errors show in the OP.

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2 hours ago, JoeW said:

Unfortunately I can't reproduce the issue, but I poked at your account. Can you try again and let me know? If it's still broken I will poke around again. 

Same result. Still can't access the page (tried again in private browsing).

Super odd. Thank you for taking a quick peek into it. Don't feel the need to spend a huge amount of time on it. I've asked some others in the Discord I'm in and it seems like it's a me issue. If I'm not being blocked I'm not sure why else I can't view the page while logged in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: So I tried it on another computer. Same result. I can access the page when I'm logged out. If I log in I get the errors in the OP.

I seem to be able to access the page on my phone though (both when I'm logged in and out).

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Ok, I THINK you're fixed now. 


Sometimes if you set the forum to expanded few it freaks out and causes the 500 error. 
When this happens you SHOULD be able to go into another section, turn on condensed view and things will work again. You may or may not be able to switch back to expanded view without breaking things again. 


I believe it's related to some content that's in one of the posts, but the forum isn't throwing any errors, so I am not quite sure what's causing the problem. 

Sorry about that. 

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On 3/3/2023 at 12:12 PM, JoeW said:

- snip-


Wow... that fixed it. I can't believe that was the issue. It seems like if I switch it back to expanded view it breaks again, but condensed view is fine, so I'll stick with that. Seems like this is probably an issue Invision needs to solve.

Thank you for your help and looking into this! :wilson_blush::wickerbottomthanks:

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