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Does anyone else feel like the werepig boss talking is kind of weird

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3 minutes ago, maeslay said:

 normal werepigs and woodie's wereforms dont have dialogue, they just kinda groan sometimes. It feels kinda weird for this guy to have multiple quotes throughout the fight. Unless its some shadow magic talking for him but idk

This isnt your ordinary pigman. 

Daywalker once freed says "mine, mine!", and Maxwell also have an intresting quote about this fellow, something like "you were messing with something you shouldnt, didnt you?".

So yeah, this pig seems intellegent enough to toy with things above its comprehension

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He's definitely unique in a way the Wereforms and Werepigs aren't. Maybe because of nightmare fuel flowing through him, he has a heightened sense of awareness? Kinda like how Ancient Guardian and Ancient Fuelweaver seem to have goals outside of killing, they want to protect something instead like this Werepig guy.

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