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A full rework or small change to some bosses in don’t starve together.

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All right. These took a while to create. I actually created them a long time ago for a reply to an older post. But I’ve decided to post some ideas for boss reworks or small tweaks to make fights more enjoyable. (And no, boss health won’t scale. So don’t even start yelling at me.) 

Crab king: (This is more of a rework to the fight to make him fun) No sea stacks spawn around crab king. Jean king has 20000 health. Imposing claws can no longer latch onto boats. There are 2 imposing claws that are summoned with 200 health each. Imposing claws swipe at the players now and can be kited. They do 50 damage and only one can attack each player at once. Crab king spawns them at every quarter of health. Crab king will not attack while his claws are up. If you attack him though, he will summon another imposing claw. Crab king’s freeze attack is only used against other mobs, dealing 500 damage each time. This is mean to stop bee cheese. He has a long wind up animation to signify that he is about to heal. Takes 5 seconds to heal each shell, but 1000 health per shell. 1 hit to break shell. Geysers will take 10 seconds to go off. New attack where geysers surround crab king and you must move away from him. New attack where he summons an ice chunk and hurls it at the players and they must dodge the projectiles. If the projectiles hit, the player takes 50 damage and after three consecutive shots the player is frozen.They move about as quickly as a clockwork rook. Each red gem gives crab king 1000 more health.  Each purple gem increases the speed at which geysers erupt by 1 second. Past 10 they will erupt instantly. Each blue gem increases the speed of the ice chunks by 5%. Each yellow gem increases the damage of all attacks by 6% Orange gems increase the amount of healing per rock by 500 and the amount of hits to break crab king’s heal by 1 every 1.5 gems. Green gems will increase the health of each imposing claw by 55 for the first gem, and minus 5 for each gem afterwards. So it would go 55 + 50 + 45 + 40 + 35 etc. Upon death crab king would drop crab meat which could be made into powerful dishes. He would also drop crabby armor which would give an 85% damage reduction and would heal itself 1% durability every second. It will have a 10% chance to drop from crab king, but a 100% chance to drop if the pearl was inserted. Crab king will also drop a blueprint for floating chests.


Bee Queen: 15000 health . Her grumble bees now surround her and the player or players making an arena. Getting too close to them causes them to sting you. During her screeching phase, the bees will chase you like normal. She does not spawn slowing honey anymore, but still keeps the animation.


Klaus: 10000 health total. The fire deer reheats thermal stone to max upon stepping into the fire circle.


Toadstool: 20000 health. Trees take 1 axe swing to chop. Toadstool’s spore first flies in the air, then flies at the player and can be dodged. Remove misery toadstool and give drops to normal toadstool. Toadstool’s fun caps will be changed. They will no longer speed up rotting time of perishables. They will glow endlessly until the break. They can be refreshed by giving them one of the mushroom that they are made of. The mush lights’ light distance will be doubled.


Fuelweaver: 16000 health. Fuelweaver only uses bone cage on phase 1. Dealing enough damage to the cage will break it. Rework to phase 2. Fuelweaver stands at the portal and calls for his minions. The woven shadows will come out of the ground at the edges of the arena. 15 will spawn evenly over the course of 20 seconds for 1 player. Fuelweaver is immortal for this phase. Each additional player will have 5 more woven shadows spawned during this time. During this phase, fuelweaver will not trap the players in bone cages. Fuelweaver only drains 50 sanity instead of 400. New phase where he spawns 2 random nightmare creatures to attack the player. Fuelweaver will be immortal during this phase.


D-fly. Dragonfly’s health sits at 15000. larvae can be taken out with one hit of an ice staff or water balloon. Luxury fan will do 50 damage to every larvae nearby, annd the larvae have 100 health. Dragonfly spawns 0.5 more larvae with each nearby player. If Dragonfly swipes at the player while moving, the player can move in the opposite direction to dodge the attack if they have at least 25% more speed. Enraged dragonfly destroys nearby structures and cannot be put to sleep. But enraged dragonfly is simply normal dragonfly with tick damage as well as normal damage. She will not do damage to players that she is near. Only when she hits them. Enraged dragonfly can also summon fire walls in front of the player which forces them to move directions. 

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i dont want to sound rude but these changes would only make them more boring

 is true that some bosses can be improved and other kinds needs many changes like crab king but your suggestions are simply removing mechanics or making them waaay easier and more flat

i think that bosses needs to be more dynamic like klaus, fw or CC which are imo very well designed. Removing features or making them not relevant isnt an improvement 

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I kinda like the idea of Crab King throwing stuff at the player which could penetrate the boat if it misses, unless the player is near the outside of the boat, forcing them to have to engage with your idea of the Imposing Claws. Could be a nice balance. Balance would be tricky, as usual though, though almost any change to Crab King is welcome to me.

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7 minutes ago, Capybara007 said:

you are right about the imposing claws, dodging ck's geisers is very fun but that is ruined by the claws

i dont believe klei tested the pearled version

grabbing the boat with such hp sponges while he keeps casting atacks is an overkill for solo

he can be one of the funnier fights but instead we stand still spamming ice staffs (which would be cool if was one of many methods) or throwing bees at his face

also the whole gem mechanic had a lot of potential but ended up being a mechanic that could be removed to include what 9 purple gems give to him and almost nobody would notice the difference

Ck needs changes in many aspects including his loot. With some cool and "small" changes can be one of the best bosses


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33 minutes ago, Evelo said:

I do think most of the bosses deserve their own refreshes at the very least to make it so they don't take multiple days to defeat for a solo player. (using only wilson strats)

Strictly when it comes to fighting bosses I prefer to play Dont starve single player- least I know those fights are intended for a solo player.. with DST they expect you to bring friends along- thus takes days to kill…

More importantly.. bring enough friends along and you’ll be like pfffttt that was WAY too Easy!

I think Klei should look into the system many RPGs & Shooters use to balance things out, More Players = More enemies/More advanced enemy tactics/types, Less Players = Less Enemies, Less enemy variants, etc..

Now as far as to how each boss needs to be reworked I don’t have any input, but I can say with utmost certainty that any boss that endlessly spawns minions is a pain in the backside when playing Solo..

Guess that’s why I’m a Wendy Main.

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