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To everyone at Klei

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So the General Discussion end of the forums currently has a bit of an unpleasant thread going on due to some recent changes to the game. While I can say I wholeheartedly disagree with the attitude of some of the comments, I cannot say that I myself have not been a d-bag before in my time here.

Most recently I returned here to complain about the new crafting menu. I spoke without thinking, acted like a child, and bashed something that I'm sure took one/some of you at Klei a ton of work to design/implement, and I know this was implemented with the singular focus of benefiting me, the player. I was actually PMed by one of the PS4 users here (who's name I will not give as it was a private correspondence) and they pleasantly and politely recommended I give it a chance and look past my knee jerk reaction. I did, and I felt like a d*ck for my post, as I should have.

I was also unpleasant years back in regards to Spider Dens not progressing through their stages properly. I don't remember the details (and frankly I'm to embarrassed to go back and look), but it was something that was fixed pretty much immediately, and would have been fixed immediately anyway without the need for me being unpleasant.

I also received 1 pre-emptive warning a couple years back, of which I am greatly ashamed of, and if I'm being honest I've probably been close to that line more than a few times before.

These are the instances I remember, and I'd imagine there are probably twice as many times I've made an *ss of myself that I don't remember. Shockingly enough I am an adult, and I should certainly know better than to act like a child.

Anyway, to all you folks at Klei, I just wanted to say that 99.9% of the people here on these forums, even those who may sometimes be ugly (myself included), appreciate to no end the work that you guys do. I think it's easy for us as the players to think "they work on video games, it's a dream job and a cake walk", when in reality it's probably more difficult than the jobs we have in so many ways. There is certainly not a dedicated website where people can login and roast me for the slightest, most minor detail after I've broke my back working for them. On top of that, if a customer ever spoke to me even slightly the way we as players sometimes speak to you guys, my boss would tell that customer to ***k off. But you guys pretty much have to just deal with it, and I know that's gotta be brutal.

So thank you guys. You've given me and my wife literal years worth of entertainment and happy memories, you've given us joy in our most difficult times, you as a company give us the players so much in a time when literally most every other company, within the video game industry and beyond, is focused on milking the most money out of their customers for the least amount of service. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for your work. And I am 100% certain we are not the only ones here who feel this way.  

So keep up the good work, and thank you guys so much.

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