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Some QOL Suggestions that will make the game easier, but all the suggestions make sense.

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When picking up food items while on a Beefalo pressing A should pick the item up, while holding down A should make the Beefalo EAT the item, so instead of needing to get off your Beefalo to feed him, you can instead have it “Graze” Grass or eat carrots from the dirt.

The intention is to spend less time having to dismount, and more time taming.

In addition, A Beefalo is Fury and Fury is warm and Cozy.. so while riding a Beefalo and possible combination of Beefalo Hat, the player should be insulated with Extra Warmth.

The intent is to encourage getting a Beefy Companion to help noobs with freezing to death in Winter without needing to rely too heavily on campfires and thermal stones.

Why do Beefalo show a more miserable expression when you shave them, then they do when their just a few Hits away from dying over dead? Fix this!!

Lastly the player should AT LEAST be able to light a tree on fire while holding a torch and mounted on a Beefalo.

It is incredibly annoying to have to dismount my Beefalo in the dead of the night to light trees on fire with the torch I was already holding while riding him, the Beefalo will fall asleep once you dismount.

I know all these changes will make the game easier, but please consider them anyway. Can’t be no worse than “Relaxed Mode” <3


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