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What's Your Total Playtime in Don't Starve Together and Some Other Questions

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  1. 1. How many total hours have you spent in DST?

    • Less than 100
    • 100 to 249 hours
    • 250 to 499 hours
    • 500 to 749 hours
    • 750 to 999 hours
    • 1000 to 1499 hours
    • 1500 to 1999 hours
    • 2000 to 3499 hours
    • 3500 to 5000 hours
    • More than 5000 hours

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Aside from the main question. What is it that you do in DST? And has DST ever peaked for you? When was that peak?

What I mean by peaked is a point of time when you reached a high level of enjoyment that you since then haven't reached. Hopefully you understood me and I didn't just confuse you more.

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4620 hours

I enjoy playing casually on pubs, rushing bosses, playing with friends or playing solo. And I try to do everything the game has to offer, to keep it fresh and avoid burnout... Though the last thing i did was a tallbird farm and ironically i'm burned out

I'd say DST peaked a couple of times for me. When gorge came out I played a LOT.

But also some peaks every time I started a new solo world. After some updates came out I lost interest in past worlds, for example:

-With Wendy's rework I started my 3rd solo world

-RoT first update I started my 4th solo world

-RWYS update, my 5th

-Maxwell rework, I started my current world

I might start a new one when the next arc starts.

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1 hour ago, Dunk Mujunk said:

If I had to guess we are probably somewhere between 750 and 1500, but I don't know where I could find that info for PS4 so I'll go with the low end.

In case you need it for later.


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I think the numbers show who comes to the forums and it definitely ain't new players lol.

Checking my steam app I got around 3500 hours but some of it should just be my pc afk in game, and then about 552 on Xbox.

I used to play a lot with friends on pc had many good times but on Xbox I'm now rolling in my own solo worlds.

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I have 6501 hours in DST, I do various things and instead of peak I have relatively stable plateau of enjoyment. That being said, some hours were spend on farming skins by afk-ing in godmode: sometimes I didn't have enough time to play normally, but I don't think I've spent more than 1000 hours on afk, most likely even less than 500.

I bought DST after playing DS for a while just when Gorge started, so after Gorge content (which was a lot of pleasure to engage with) I was busy with adapting to DST and in general improving my own skills: planning, kiting, inventory managment, etc. Then Forge 2 was a thing, and after that I always found something to spend time on.

Before RoT and after I became relatively good at surviving and basic combat (aside from raid bosses) I entertained myself with survival challenges in vanilla game and explored content mods (mostly modded official characters, i.e. fan-made "rework" mods like Resecib Rebalance or Stranger Newer Powers set, Charlie as modded character, different Maxwell fan-made reworks). Periodically I returned to DS (Hamlet and to lesser extent SW), where I improved mostly my planning skills regarding single-player version of the game, and somewhere around early RoT I started to practise raid boss fights from time to time.

Then DST recieved some completely new characters and ones from single-player with refresh upon transition (Wortox, Warly, Wormwood), and around that time reworks had already started. At that time I had a lot of fun in mastering usage of special powers of characters, continued to practice boss-fights and do what I did before (played with game settings, mods). When I was somewhat tired of playing, I watched youtube videos, read wiki, returned to DS (aside from focusing on real life), so I didn't really feel like my insterest in DS/T declined. Around RWyS time I also started to participate in betas and made my first forum posts (so not long before that I also started to read tips about various things on forums, thus one more way to engage with DST was discovered to me).

I never transitioned from practicing boss fights to rushing multiple of them in one playthrough just for the sake of rushing, not to mention speedrunning: I always do rush for some kind of variety in longterm playthrough based on loot that is available earlier, and that difference based on early game goals kept game experience fresh to me. Instead of lowering rush times to keep things interesting I started to master consistency of my playthroughs, minimised resources, and at the same time was into constructing resource farms (which I never needed at that point, but it doesn't matter because I had fun doing it).

Also around 2021 I started to actually play with people on online servers (before that I only played alone or with my irl friend on personal server), and adapting my actions to multiplayer invironment where worlds often were in pillaged/half-pillaged state and there was contest for resources, stealing, but at the same time people helped to achieve advanced goals together - it was entirely new experience, which also kelt things fresh. At that time content updates formed singnificant amount of new and unexplored, so I started to sail, and I discovered Adventure Mode mod in workshop which I sinked a lot of hours into as well.

Some time after year of the beefalo I was busy with learning and improving at beefalo taming, associated with that rushes (glossammer saddle as first saddle, ruins rush on beefalo, taming incorporated in Celestial Champion rush). In 2022 there also was very productive time for me in terms of farms based on fossils/statues usage, i.e. AI abuse, ovens included. I also had fun finding niche uses for things like cannons and End is Nigh, building bases in unusual locations (ruins, waterlogged biome) and on top of that reworks continued to give me things to practice.

That being said, during last year I felt uncomfortable due to decrease of updates quality, mainly in terms of sea of bugs leaking even after continuous betas in live version, sometimes even gamebreaking ones, and some serious things are not fixed until this moment. Idea quality of content updates since Moon Quay also concerns me a lot (from banana bushes to fusion of 3 updates into single one in october 2022), tallbirds are far from being bug-less and finished part of content, but for now a least reworks seem to hold mark better. I hope I could enjoy future content updates more, just like until very recently. For now, however, there are enough things to keep myself busy, and right now I have some ideas to explore in case I feel bored some day.

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4.2k hours here, I mostly enjoy building in regular dst and my bad habit is constantly starting a new world instead of continuing one I already had. This is because I find my solo worlds to be a bit lonely. I don't have as much fun solo and so I'm often discouraged from picking up an old world since scheduling a regular time for groups of friends can be boring and I can be impatient. Most of my hours are probably from starting on fresh pub servers and taking it as far as I can, practicing ruins rushing strats and semi mega bases. I'm a wormwood main and adore farming mechanics. My fav under-used farms are with lureplants since he doesn't get eyeplant aggro. I also love mods like island adventure and uncompromising mode (separately of course) Currently I have a group of friends who are all learning how to survive longterm in uncomp mode.

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