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The best way to survive in theory

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[short version] play Wes and go to the moon

understand this: Wes can lower his sanity for bonuses, something useless in most cases other than speed, but now that you're on the moon, you keep yourself sane instead.

The moon has infinite light.

The moon has kelp, kelp can rot for fire fuel and can be cooked for food.

the moon has saldmanders, i witnessed one of these kill 5 hounds.

Wes is the most hated character and will get you street credit based on how many days you applied moon strat.

Thinking abbout it surviving a long time in Don't starve never was hard when you have a plan...

How can that go wrong? all the other survivors can deal with deerclops and antlion on Earth while you stay on the moon, right?


Don't mind half my health being gone in this picture, the pengulls were just ambushing me, i can't help it.

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The other players will tell legends of the solitary hermit mime that inhabits the moon. Some call him the Kelpeater. Others, the avocado guardian.
Not many have seen him, but if you are nice and sail a bit, you may find floating balloon animals, indicating that he has blessed you on your journeys.

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I gotta try and actualy survive until day 10 000 without ever leaving the moon (obviously the first time i go there i can't leave, not like i can spawn on the moon)

overall tho, this Forum post is going quite well

and to you, ShadowDuelist, peaple just call me a comedian.

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On 12/25/2022 at 5:12 PM, DeadWhereX said:

They could craft an oar, get on a boat and fail the rowing until they're fully wet.

this won't work when ambient temperature reaches 100 degrees halfway through summer

also as far as I know there doesn't seem to be a way to renew minerals while staying exclusively in the lunar island so getting tools to harvest logs and use them for oars or fuel might be a serious issue

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On 12/26/2022 at 8:07 PM, Guille6785 said:

there doesn't seem to be a way to renew minerals while staying exclusively in the lunar island

For Wes as proposed and leaving with nothing in hand this is true.

If you take normal pinecones you may eventually get some petrified trees, though.

As an alternative Wurt may be the only character that can produce her own gold, but it would require to take all the necessary materials for the merm king and then craft at least 1 merm house. Which will probably burn unless you stay there all summer putting out the fires.

On 12/25/2022 at 6:39 PM, Capybara007 said:

how will you counter the heat

no ice chester or fridge if you plan on inmediately going to the moon

The moon island also lacks grass. You can probably find some floating around and in nearby waterlogged biomes but it would imply that you are sailing for resources, which changes the rules a bit too.

I think there is no way to survive indefinitely for a character that immediately leaves to moon island and stays there confined, without sailing or getting anything from the mainland.

It would work if you gather as minimum materials for extreme survival condition, one pinecone, 1 grass tuft and one gear. For a more realistic challenge, I’d take at least 3 gears (fridge and a flingo) at least 10 grass tufts, and 5-6 pinecones.

And if you play Wurt to keep getting gold and never leaving the island again, you probably need to take the merm king throne materials as well (mostly the beefalo hair and the pig skins. Or the materials to make a pig house and a living beefalo)

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i'd like to say that leaving the main land with nothing in hand is definitely not optimal and you can just spend a couple of days to gather a few grass tufts, rot, berry bushes and else, as long as you can be at the moon before deerclops arrives, you should be good for the strategy.

oh, also, i found in some obscure wiki page that says flint is renewable through moles

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