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So how to use conduction panel?

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What I was doing is insulate the tile that have liquid input/output and then use liquid run through the panel while having that middle section of the panel touched hot/cool stuff.

The thing is I saw someone use it differently, He did insulate middle section and have two side exchange heat through insulate tile.

So what's wrong? What to do with the middle section heat exchanger fin thing. What do you think.

TBH that middle section is everywhere such as in front of a car or behide refrigerator irl.



How I use it

I use heat gun tool to heat up petroleum to a very high temp (less than vapor), piped oil through it and oil turned into petroleum.


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8 hours ago, SackMaggie said:

Yeah that's why I feel like it's weird when seeing someone using the other two section instead of the middle.

I havn't tested it yet, but if the radiator is considered three different units (not one unit like a bridge), then maybe they are abusing the mechanics to allow a indirect bridge in and out of a hot/cold area without connecting it.

An example of where is good is a steam chamber where a normal liquid bridge is considered a 3 tile building, so you can't let it be in the steam chamber and outside the steam chamber or they will exchange temperature with each other.

If the conduction panel is considered three separate tiles instead of one, then you can bypass that issue and connect the inside and outside of the steam chamber without them exchanging temperature.

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