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No Maxwell Rework on switch?

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I'm sorry to say that I don't think the Maxwell rework will make it into our next update (if it does it basically means we cancelled the existing one that's in testing now). It'll be in the update after that though.

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There’s a new update for switch that brings you guys up to the previous update (Bit of Drama/Hallowed Nights) this SHOULD grant you guys access to the new Lunar skins.

However- the new Twitch drop electric glow cap + Maxwells belongings won’t be in your version of the game until you get the Maxwell refresh update.

(you can still watch Twitch to unlock the skin you just won’t be able to see or use it in game until the update that actually adds its art into the game)

As an Xbox player who sometimes had to wait several months to a full year between updates I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised at how fast Klei is catching up Switch. :love_heart:


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