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Need help! My mods are disapearing.

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It happened today when I was about to start my world and I noticed that was missing some mods. When I went to see it some mods were missing and downloading forever, I don't know what to do! In the image you can see how the mod stays and then disappear soon after in a infinite loop. help me please :c



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2 hours ago, c__ said:

Same problem, mods stuck in an infinite loop redownloading, then disappearing from the mods list.  Happening in both beta and live branches.


1 hour ago, smallwormbin said:

I'm having a very similar issue and have tried for hours to fix it. I even uninstalled steam :/


Seems like steam is having some issues right now that are causing issues with mods

u guys can check here https://status.klei.com/

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