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In remembrance of Helicalpuma.

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Hey, i think Klei should make a skin for the Codex Umbra where the M of Maxwell is replaced by the H of Helicalpuma.

What do you think?

I think it would be a good thing to remember Helicalpuma, one of the greatest Maxwell main of the DST community.

I took the inspiration of the "Helicalpuma's Codex Umbra" from the James Bucket's video in remembrance of Puma.

Here the link to the video:


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As much as I love this, it puts an expectation on Klei to pay attention and tribute to the community, whenever anyone else may also be due tribute.

What if something happened to me? Should Klei add a reference to me into the game? How about controversial, unpopular or obscure individuals that Klei doesn't know about? People will expect the same treatment for other people, and immediately question why one person has a reference, but another might not. The community is huge and it's impossible to see everything. It's a controversial and difficult topic that I believe will ultimately cause a lot of difficulty to Klei.

Once Klei honors a person with in game references, it's a one way door to the mindset that every significant figure in the community is also deserving of one.

I hope that Klei does add this though, despite those reasons, because it's a lovely subtle change that punches me in the heart. The reason I stated above are just why I cannot blame Klei for not adding it.

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I did remember at the time this was a request from Puma's community. 

And while i can also understand why a tribute cannot be added, for reasons already mentioned, I do share the sentiment that his memory be honored in some way. 

Some days I wonder how he'd think about all the new things added. Esp CC and Maxwell's rework. 

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I think something more low-key would fit more, i feel like that'd be more appreciated if you notice something is a tribute to someone or something, instead of it being extremely obvious, helicalpuma was for sure someone who deserves a tribute, how would one be handled? We don't know, would it be a good idea long-term for klei to do as a company in terms of expectations that it would set? I don't know.

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