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Make it possible to prioritize items

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The shadow servants are v cool, but I really don't like coming by to collect the fruits of their labor and they give me useless garbage THEN start picking up the item I wanted. Maybe make it so that you can prioritize an item dropped on the ground, logs for example, and any shadow servants that are currently spawned will only pick up that item in their range until all of that item has been picked up. Maybe have it so that hovering the codex over the item and releasing lets you do this?

It's very annoying since I like to spread the servants out and come back to them later. I really don't want half of them to give me pinecones and immediately die rather than the logs I wanted :/ 

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1 minute ago, ADM said:

An idea I've read here some time ago was that if they have a Magician Top Hat on the floor, they would drop them inside instead or something like that, I think that would be really convenant.

I especially like this since it encourages the gameplay that having the shadow servants not being tied to Maxwell promotes! It'd still be annoying having it fill up with trash but more convenient than right now.

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