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About the Codex's UI

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This is probably a bit too much to ask, but after playing the new Maxwell quite a bunch, I've noticed that, at least on PC, Maxwell feels a lot more like an action character from a MOBA than the other characters, requiring fast switching between spells to counter the casting times right.

It would really help a lot, at least on PC, if we could interact with the Codex in a manner similar of how the Team Fortress 2 Engineer build tool can be accessed with numbers.


- Assign a number to each of the codex's spells. Let's say 1 is for servants, 2 for duelists, 3 for sneak and 4 for cage.
- While the codex's UI is open, it overrides the control of numbers until closed
-You summon the UI by pressing the INV number where the codex is (or close with ESC, or clicking outside of it)

So let's say my codex is in the first inventory slot, it would allow pressing "1 1" to get the same effect as if you manually clicked on the book and on the servant symbol. or "1 4" to instantly go to the cage option.

It would probably require some extensive testing and I'm sure it can be made a client mod eventually, but if the devs consider it's not time consuming, is a little touch that I think could help.

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1 hour ago, dois raios said:

i dont like the idea, but i am not against implementing it, just give me a way to disable this and it is ok

Yeah I mean, maybe my original post wasn't clear about it but I don't mean this to be the main way to use the book, it would just be an alternative. 

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