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Throwing my hat in for 1 more ability

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A simple defensive ability called shadow "dummy".

It spawns a Shadow Wilson doing the floss that has priority over Maxwell when ever a mob aggros onto him. 

For anyone who doesn't know what the floss is:


Or use the in-game robot dance.

Alternatively, have a shadow Wes do some miming. 

Great for parties and casual events.

Additional details:


Particularly useful against a group of range mobs like bishops who's projectile range is greater than Maxwell's shadow cage range. And exceptionally useful when duelists die and the attacking enemy aggros onto the dancing Wilson instead of Maxwell. I believe this is better suited as a preemptive measure, funneling in aggro but NOT stealing it. The Wilson would be reduced to atoms after a single hit. And would also die after 4 minutes of not being hit. (Also would ONLY protect Maxwell repurposing that first aggro.)


The reason for not stealing aggro is because you would be able to then have the "dummies" take all the hits for you indifinitely.

Edit: After thinking about it, maybe it should steal aggro for regular enemies but not bosses.

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They need to add Shadow Dancers that perform random dances such as Default Dance, Gang Torture Dance, Floss, Caramelldansen, and the DST dance. If Wes can litter useless balloons Maxwell should be able to one up him and litter useless dancers.

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