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Please remove sanity damage from Maxwell w/Night Armor

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Currently Maxwell doesn't take sanity drain from Night Armor, but he does still take sanity damage when attacked while wearing it.

Klei, could you remove this to be more in line with Wanda's interaction with the armor? Incentivizing use of Night Armor through buffing duelists is great and all, but these two mechanics are conflicting.


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Just don't summon as many duelists and leave abit of max sanity for the night armour to take... if you remove the night armour sanity penality, the lower max sanity downside of summoning alot of duelists isn't noticable.

Atleast now you have to choose, lots of duelists at full damage and risk going insane if hit or less duelists at full damage and able to tank a few hits yourself.

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