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Shadows Snare change

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Shadow Snare should be made into something else. Right now, its a worse version of the shadow prison, because there isn´t really a reason for me as a player to choose few seconds of chaotical running around over complete immobilization of enemies.
I propose Maxwell should get an offensive spell to balance the protective one.(although the prison will mostly be used for offense)
It could be a pond of abyssal liquid, draining life of creatures found inside it for the duration of the spell.
It could be a shadow hand  attack
It could be a  shadow pillar impaling your enemy
It could be a shadow monster sent flying against your target like a projectile, dealing some damage.
It could be a shadow turret etc.

all those things could leave a shadow debuff visually similiar to the "blood" of the Ancient Guardian, increasing damage taken for a short period of  time.
Or it could be a costly spell that corrupts everything. Turns flowers into evil flowers, trees into treeguards, pigs in werepigs etc.
Maybe it can be just a shadow shield similiar to the Fuelweavers one
Maxwell could also syphon some health/sanity from shadow creatures while killing them
There is plenty of room for different,cool ideas. I just don´t want to have a spell that will get hardly used because it has to live in the shadow(pun intented) of its better version-the prison.

Right now there isn´t really a use for the shadow snare, except some niche creature transformation. I´d say you could get really creative with spells and its effects. Having two spells doing something similiar, but making the one exceedingly better at it than the second is just a waste of a spell slot NGL.

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I kind of thought that the shadow sneak was going to be some kind of utility that allowed you to access haunt effects without, y'know, dying. Which would have been neat. but it doesn't seem like thats the case. If I were to give the sneak some kind of buff, I would just want it to do haunt effects at a high chance.

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It is made to be combined mate. U can deal with a frog rain on ur own using prison + snares cuz when they are in fear u can free hit em while in prison.

1 hour ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

i guess bosses cant be perma scared with that

at the moment bosses cant feel fear. From this, at least.

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