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Need more contest for Realism in game

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Game look so easy and goofy(riddicilous) by now - automatic fire setting in torches and campfire - setting a big fire in any object instead of seeing little fire getting bigger and bigger everytime - the day cycles switches immidiatly instead of swinting little by litle - day is 8 minute wich is not enough - and others  - need new normall walking animation instead of the old jumping animation - need new attack animation and no fast, so do with chopping pickaxing and etc - more animals to the constant like wildboars and foxes (no not events and others) i mean in general - for the forest - make rabbits normall make the really fast like in our life make the more noticable to surroundings so you need to be patient to catch them in traps - new fallen trees objects which also could be gathered - also all choped trees will become fallen trees - more content for base building and base defences - more spike barricades + regular barricades for the apertures between walls add character - mechanic (no winona ) which will be specialist on base defending - will able to build wodden ballista tower which will defend the perimetre - more traps for base defending - Oh come on - there is nothing hard make it and add - just need to stop listenning nagging people who dislike every content which affects " any kind of difficulties"

Seriosly i cant play anymore vanila DST cause its boring and stupid - i downloaded the best mods for myself wich are compatible to each other and make game more difficult (which compleatly changes gameplay) (and even this doesnt help me suffering from boring) - instead of the regular dst

Currently game is raw and borring wich focuses on idiotic bosses with their useless loots - you can play even with all bosses set off - they are really useless and out of date content ( except treguards and spider queen)

PS - will the day come when devs will see this?

Снимок.PNG 3.PNG

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You've posted stuff like this numerous times already. Enough is enough, just stop. There is suggesting things to encourage the game to be the best form of itself possible, and then there is whatever you constantly do. I sincerely think the best advice for you is to try another game. You don't like the difficulty, core game mechanics, or even any of the animations. It seems like you have a small list of things you do like. That should tell you everything you need to know by that alone.

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_Intentionally making spelling mistakes.

_Openly insults the game and the devs without any real proof.

_Tower defence is not a genre defining feature for survival games.

_Asking realism in a game full of magic, mysterious, supernatural wilderness survival game.

_Your attitude overall.

Frankly guys, just ignore all of this.

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lol interesting - where i insult devs :D?? or you wrote bla bla just to wright something? :D

The game requires - game survival mechanics refresh wich is too primitive and stupid - these mechanics are out of date - the forest is raw and empty - nothing interesting is adding in game lol - only new donation packs which includes skins and maybe new characters after some years of waiting :D 

And you say that i insult devs and game? lol you dont even know what is insulting means at all  (i already said before that there no interesting devs add currently :D)  stupid and primitive - words are far from insulting category XD

While the game forest stays raw and empty with no hint of life - people request the hat wich gives able to auto dig and auto placing turf item (which is not important and looks also stupid or people request marble tools wich is idiotic (cause again marble is construction recource and not for tools) - its pacepalm x2 - there is not any magic game where you can find marble tools or smth like that - only you can see this circus in the minds of DST players

Yea.....I am another bad guy wich suggests normall content for game - while the good people request to add useless stuff like this autoturf hat wich is useless cause you can now just craft snazzy pitchfork wich can help you with this - i dont understand these tribe people wich firstly request flint pitchwork analogue and then request this special hat for turfs 

In normall survival games players build their homes and try to defend it in many ways from the dangers (and this mechanic is interesting (rust for example or this Seven days as people say :D) currently the bases of the DST, i cant even call them bases - are just stupid collosal farms and storages of recources - nothing else   - tower defence mechanic can add lots of interresting stuff wich will make people think on how to defend their home instead of just let dogs selfkill in trap field

The hound waves is another circus wich is trouble for people cause the dont build normall bases with walls - and devs dont refresh them to make more usable and helpfull for it - also AI of hound waves has IQ of the cockroach - wich rushes the player instead of avoiding his traps and try to find less danger path to reach to player 

I dont request 100% reality in DST - no one can attribute to me what I did not say ( and i am not expert in primmitive language cuase its hard for me to translate rich russian logic to primmitive english - thats why i can mistake more in english than in russian)

Interresting what another prooves i need to give you when there is already proove in the game XD - its facepalm x3

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Yea of course guys letsignore future normall content wich will and can make game interesting not only for kids so do for older players - instead we will eat new donation packs with skins wich add nothing only look change :D 

seriosly there is lots of interesting features the dst doesnt use at all

dont starve aslo dies in the swamp of monotony like crossout

If the sentence ( when the day will come when devs see this?) - means insulting devs - then i feel sorry for you cause its a clinic situation

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no offense, but you might just want to play a different game with all of this if you're bored, since i doubt they will want to change everything about the game from one suggestion-
personally i prefer the normal don't starve

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