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  1. Great idea. Maybe just simplifying it to be crafted with some guano and ice though.
  2. Been said already but I'll say it again.. dark sword is not as hard to obtain as you're leading on. Living logs are abundant. And nightmare fuel is even more so. I just don't think you're going to the right places tbh. Nightmare Fuel farmed by a ruin light or fissure.. easy stonks. Shadow splimonkey are nuts too. Set traps. Living logs from Bearger knocking down a forest, crazy. Best with birchnuts. 3 tree guardian is still great though. No Bearger, go to the birchnuts in autumn with a weatherpain. Enjoy.
  3. I think instead of worrying about the +15 hunger stats, we should be discussing a separate mechanic to determine your characters favorite food. I get that it's a fun bonus. It's extra. It's additive. However I feel like sometimes it is so nuanced that it's often entirely overlooked. What if we could choose our favorite food on the character select screen, sort of like how we pick our clothes. Maybe the characters each get a few choices to choose from. Maybe there are multiple favorite foods? Example, WX's favorite food by default is Butterfly Muffins, But alternatives could be also choose from Powdered Cake, Dragonfruit Pie, or Pumpkin Cookies?
  4. Have yet to dabble with new merm king mechanics. This is awesome to note. Good on you for bringing it up. This makes me PUMPED. still would love some boost to the melty marble rounds though. People are already upset at how slow and low damage the slingshot is. I wouldn't assume even with high power anyone would want it to be any slower. Just being honest.
  5. Perhaps they should have an effect too. Like they shatter on impact doing area damage? Even if the damage is like 68 like dark sword that would be cool AOE capabilities. It's not like you get more than like 20 during the ruins and maybe like 5 after a dedicated fishing summer.
  6. Golden rounds do 34 damage each. Trading a Melty Marble to the Pig King gives 4 gold. That is 40 Golden Rounds. In otherwards, 1360 damage worth of ammo. Melty marbles can be Dug from a Grave at 4.17% chance. Hammered from Broken Clockwork at 25% chance. Fished from the Oasis Lake and opened from a Crumpled Package at 16.7%-18.2% (please note, Packages are fished 60% of the time and the other 40% is just a Fish / Also during Winters Feast instead of a Trinket there is a 50% chance to recieve a Bauble or Light instead). They do not drop from Tumbleweeds. Also I will repeat and elaborate. Gunpowder can be crafted for 1 Rotten Egg, 1 Nitre, and 1 Charcoal. Can be detonated in a stack, and will deal 200 damage per gunpowder. Walter can pack some heat with Melty Marbles, and it is very justifiable to allow him to do so.
  7. Gunpowder deals 200 damage and can be blown up in stacks. Melty Marbles dealing a minimum of even 500 seems justifiable honestly.
  8. I believe the Hardy Circuit would be fine to stay as 1 slot for +50HP, however the Super Hardy should be 15% Damage reduction (10, and 5 for subsequent multiple super hardy circuits) as well as some bonus HP. Currently it is 150. As it stands the 1 slot for Sanity and Hunger just increase stats, however the 2 slot Supers have Increased stats as well as Sanity Regen and Slowed Hunger Drain speed. It would be nice to see Super Health get something extra, and I think damage reduction is perfect as Health regen can come from other sources and circuits (ie beanbooster)
  9. Moose could get buffed from 90 to 95% defense. And an attack speed increase, slightly faster than normal swinging speed would go a long way, he is punching with alternating hands. Normal movement speed too. Beaver collecting logs would be great. Even if there was a limit and once you hit it they all dropped ok your position. Limit would prevent server crash probably. I agree. Goose is alright how it is. Good mobility and runs on water. Gnarly.
  10. The forms definitely have much to be desired. Early game it's incredible. Past day 15, you're sort of on bar if not at a disadvantage certainly by the end of winter. By year 2 and especially year 3 woodie falls so very far behind. His forms are a hindrance rather than something powerful. Full moon becomes a dread rather than a boon. His downside which is really an upside is chopping trees faster and more tree guardian spawn rate. But you'd rather just have bearger be your chainsaw anyways.
  11. I think this Reddit post really highlights something very important. Transforming is very cheap and the abilities you get are very good in comparison to the materials put into the transformation. Sure you might not be able to heal, and your DPS is slightly less than that of a fresh hambat... but as long as you have some decent sanity and health before you transform, you can accomplish very much. Earlier someone mentioned amulets to be worn in transformation. Honestly I thought about this more and I think it's an alright idea. I even think woodie should be able to craft special amulets. When he transforms he keeps his backpack, so keeping an amulet wouldn't be much to program at all. Maybe his can be like living logs and rope and they can be carved into special shapes for special abilities. Like for health and sanity management.
  12. My mans why are you acting like the waterlogged biome doesn't make you fight Spiders on a platform, or while gathering salt cookie cutters don't swarm your boat. Or that you use your boat to fight crab king or malbatross. Your "reason is just your opinion and not an actual reasoning. I get why actual hound waves don't occur on the boat. Hence why I suggested some aquatic life. The caves have their own worm waves, the boat shouldn't be any different. Also there are sharks, and gnarwail, and seaweeds, etc. There are tons of on boat combats. Even the crazy shadows. A boat wave attack can be viable. Even if it isn't gnarwails or the sharks as we know it. I'll admit perhaps those were a lousy suggestion. I know this thread was about making the horn more obtainable because the trident is sweet. That's why I suggested it.
  13. I always attack everything on sight. I didn't even realize they're not hostile. They always try horning my boat. Didn't realize I'm just a bully oh my
  14. Not sure how you question the balancing of eating food or interacting with items, and then immediately propose being able to equip amulets. I think the later is much more game breaking.