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  1. Humans think as they want, and its not illogical thinking thath game aspects are stupid sometimes ;I
  2. There is another good idea for constant. What if to make the change of day, evening and night gradual and not instantaneous? It would be nicer to see than what is now. Of course, I understand that the day in the game lasts only 8 (minutes), but if the change of light and night were gradual, it would be just fine For example each 1 segment of time before day would be getting brighter and brighter, and each 1 segment of time before night would be getting darker and darker. In my opinion good idea? Dont I?
  3. In vanilla yes but its stupid - walls must be usefull -_- dont i? cause Walls are walls
  4. The moon wall 25% resistance is stupid and kills thulicite wall building sence -_- this means moon rock more durable than ancient thulicite XD i dont understand why devs game woon rock 25% resistance to hammer strikes if most players dont play on pvp servers XD
  5. New idea for tools and weapons animation like from real life (like axe chopping attack animation, pickaxe new stab attack animation, spear pierce animation and etc for other tools ) would be cool to see updated tools and weapons animation cause spear club animation looks not logic -_- and this new animation would be more beautifull for eyes in my opinion cause tool's and weapon's animations haven't changed in years
  6. Nope they dont attack players buildings except walls wich blocks their path ( i mean other structures like mashines bird cages fridges chests and etc) And yes i like walls cause i use custom wall reballance [DOOM] mod wich makes my wall really usefull (like 95% resistance to dmg) (and 12 hummer strikes resistance :D) its for my RP server
  7. I have an idea! what if add option where hounds from waves would also attack the buildings of player instead of stupidly focus him ( they will still attack him )? I would give walls more sence
  8. Even if the bosses set to off they continue to spawn in seasons -_- (treeguards and spider quinn work properly) ? would be it fixed? for example if someone wants to play with some of bosses he offed? cause in current time bosses off button is useless
  9. I found and illogical glitch, how the f... plants grow in winter 0-o???? i ve planted in 1 day before winter started :D????
  10. But its unlogic? How the temperature goes high if winter is ended XD well its ridicilous in my opinion
  11. I found a bug ( for example if i choose only winter and autumn ) and after the winter of current "year" ends, the autumn starts with high temperature like the summer ended -_- so do happens if i choose with for example spring winter, spring winter autumn !!!!