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3 hours ago, Pebrot said:

hello @CharlesB, something has been done with the last update right?? i made a quick test and my game seems not to crash anymore when going thru wormholes, i also tried going to the caves, changing character at the portal, and waiting for a new day and none of that crashed my game, only took  a bit longer than usual, but at least it seems playable again. how bout you @BeeClops? again it was a quick test i don't have time now to try it consistenly but im quite sure it would have been crashed  doing that before this update


edit: Just tested again and the world started. Wow!

Thanks @CharlesB , I really wasn't expecting much since I couldn't even send my save file. And thank you Pebrot for sharing your problems that solved mine as well 

I haven't played this world in many months, but the lag also seems to be much improved from what I remembered it to be. 

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