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My Tallbird won't Lay Egg, And I Don't Know Why. Is It A Bug?

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edit: solved. Needs rocky turf.

I raised my first tall bird. But after the teenbird became Tallbird, it just walked around and laid no eggs.


Server setting


Mod: Show Me

World Gen -> Tallbird Nest: default.


One thing that's worth mentioning is that I was purposefully starving the teenbird at the moment of becoming an adult. Its hunger was 0 and healthy was 100ish/600. Also it became instantly aggro at me and had no intention to lay an egg.

Oh, I forgot to mention. They were disowned and became wild.


Is it a bug?

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13 minutes ago, goatt said:

Are there any other requirement?

That pen is too small. Also try removing all the turf there just in case.
If you raised this one, that should be it, if you kidnapped an already adult one, burn its nest and make sure its nearby to see that it burnt. Then you can relocate it. Also maybe try letting it drop its aggro on you.

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