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Knobbly Tree Nuts and Docks

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Heya, so I am trying to get a Knobbly Tree to fall into a little pond-like area. The space is too small for a boat so I am trying to use docks to put the Nut in place and destroy the dock so it falls it. While it does fall in, it teleports to the adjacent land instead of floating in the water. Any ideas or is this a bug?
For reference this is the location.



Edit: Yes I did try with the Grass Raft, visually it looks like it fits but mechanically it will not fit.

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I believe this is intended, sadly. Generally the rule is that if a space is too small for a boat, it's probably too small for an above-average tree to realistically fit in there too. It looks SUPER weird for them to just sorta teleport to land like that, but it wasn't possible to see without glitches until docks, which is probably why it looks like that.

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It's an intended mechanic that was set in place so as heavy objects can not be sunk in areas that are fully impossible to place a winch in and get back.

I think it's outdated nowadays though. I can see the winch(and other ocean water-dependant structures) being made to be able to work on docks, which would allow you to grab sunken heavy objects from any area in the ocean, removing the necessity for the former mentioned mechanic, :).

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4 hours ago, Owlrust said:

I might be wrong, but couldn't you place a Grass Raft in that hole and drop the nut in with a Pinchin' Winch? That hole looks like it might just be "barely" big enough for a raft.

Trust me, I tried. Visually yes the Grass Raft does fit, but there is no possible place for it to be placed.

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