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I cant believe it, Maxwell has won, he has killed me and my friends, and now I, Wilson P. Higgsbury, continue to walk the island alone as a ghost without my friends with me, not even Wendman can be seen. all I can do now is relive the memories that have occurred ever since I was transported on this island, first, I go to my grave, which is the exact spot where i first came here, where I buried myself knowing I couldn't survive any longer, and I was right. next i headed over to the burning forest, the spot where I met Willow, all there was now was a bunch of burned up trees, I could still hear the cracking of the fire that went on and how I panicked at seeing willow on fire. after that I headed over to the tentacle spike, the spot where I met Wolfgang, I remember the many attempts to kill that tentacle, not even willow could burn it, then I was about to die and Wolfgang saved my life due to his strength by ripping that creature right out of the ground, the first dead tentacle. I then headed over to the beefalo mating ground, the area where I reactivated WX-78, there wasn't really much here, although I think I could still see some of WX's nuts and bolts that he lost by being trampled by beefalos. then i headed over to the fire pit, the place where I met Wes, I could still feel how Wes cowered on my back and wouldn't let go. later I was at the abandoned alchemy engine, where I met Wickerbottom, i was amazed on how she was able to research an alchemy engine without the use of a science machine. finally I was at what I called Abigail's grave, where I met Wendy, I call it this because this is where I found Wendy, and it said instead of "here lies some guy" or "milk, eggs, bacon" or nothing, it said "use when you need it" we left it untouched, although now, being a ghost, I do need a grave, so I got out my shovel and began digging. I was amazed at what was in it, amulets, and not just any amulet, but these where made of platinum I couldn't resist but putting it on. instantly, I felt a jerk and I was being pulled vigorously and violently toward my grave, which I was pulled in. I woke up. I dug myself out from underground. I was alive. I looked at the amulet I was wearing, it was still functional, and not just that, but I felt more powerful, I began to dig out my friends and put an amulet on them, they woke up. "what happened?"said willow "I can feel my muscles again!" said Wolfgang "death just feels like life but more cold" said Wendy "great, I finally get reactivated and the first thing I see is you" said WX "wilson, what are these" asked Wickerbottom. Wes just looked happy. "I'll explain later guys" I said "but now, we need to prepare because if Maxwell thinks he can kill us now, he is wrong!" a glow of light appeared near me who I knew was Wendman said "you must do it quickly, for Maxwell does not know about your Resurrection, and I shall assist you"

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