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  1. clicking the map in the top right brings you here, anyone make out anything from this?
  2. "Birds!!"? Picture of moon? "Must eat"? "Darkness"? Anyone else reminded of woodie?
  3. Who created WX-78?

    why does that make sense?
  4. Fan art

    all right thanks! ill see what i can do
  5. Who created WX-78?

    yes yes that is true
  6. Who created WX-78?

    good point, again, i hate working with time
  7. Who created WX-78?

    if it was like that, if william was sent to the island, then that would mean that william will become maxwell soon and its because of maxwell so GAH! i hate working with time- - - Updated - - - then why was it sent to the island AFTER wilson?- - - Updated - - - nevermind, it was probably deactivated while wilson was on
  8. Who created WX-78?

    not really, it would make sense if he was rejected by tons of living organisms, just one will send him searching for someone who wont treat him the way maxwell did, eg. wilson
  9. Who created WX-78?

    hm, what do you know, i dont know who tesla was so i didn't know, only maxwell quoted that time moves differently, so it could be possible that WX is from the future where he has an advanced A.I that it used to rebel
  10. Who created WX-78?

    if you believe that, sure, your opinion
  11. Who created WX-78?

    believe what you want, I still say he was created by scientists, originally a war machine
  12. Who created WX-78?

    couldn't resist?
  13. Who created WX-78?

    not anymore, the story also says that WX woke up in a junk pile, stripped of it's weapons and armor
  14. Who created WX-78?

    i created a story of it's origin, I said that WX was built by scientists as a war machine but turned against his creators because he was destroying his own kind