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Good morning survivors?

Today I came to talk about good recipe. I really like Waffles and I've seen some conversations on the forum about this recipe being very difficult to make because it asks for butter and no dairy.


So I went after knowing how to make butter in real life and found out that butter is made with milk, but milk in Dont Starve is not an easy thing to get, so I came to propose two things to you:
1°: That butter can be manufactured by some form of milk processing.
2°: Being able to milk electric goats, while they sleep, with a glass bottle.


Reasons why I think it would be cool:
1°: People who like to have rare recipes in the game, don't worry, I can guarantee that milking electric goats is not easy or that beating milk until it turns into butter is something quick kkk.
2°: This will bring more consistency to farm creators.
3°: This brings me a little more of farming and livestock to the game which is something I really like in games like Stardew Valley.
4°: A new recipe becomes viable for worlds with many days.
5°: There is an inconsistency in killing electric goats and it spills the already bottled milk.

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People are divided about this specific food in two:
Those who are all up for that idea and want butter to be churnable
And those whom want it to be preserved as a special rare thing that just kinda happens by killing butterflies and gives a delightful surprise.

Though I agree on butter or some alternative to be a thing you can make in later ingame to make more sorts of deserts with it but that's on Klei to do that whenever they'll do more butter recipes or have time or want to add such a thing.

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Ok let's add churning butter for realism but remove being able to make waffles by placing vaguely waffle related ingredients in a bowl and waiting a few seconds since that's unrealistic.

I don't think removing a mechanic and adding 2 mechanics, an entirely new structure that doesn't do anything else, and an entirely new item that doesn't do anything else just so you can easily make waffles is particularly necessary.

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