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Retrieving DST Server Data

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Hello! Since you can't post in the last thread, I've decided to start a new one.
The solution described there has stopped working for some reason? I get the response (as HTML) "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" whether I use a token for the request or not.

For now, I'm trying just in the terminal to get an answer like this:

curl -k -X POST -d '{"__gameId": "DST","__token": "pds-MY-VERY-LONG-TOKEN-FROM-MY-ACCOUNT-FOR-NEW-SERVER=", "query":{}}' https://lobby-us.kleientertainment.com/lobby/read

__token: I generated the token as I was advised by the support team in my account using these instructions:

Maybe someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

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They’ve transitioned to using these api paths instead (not sure if they’ll use those old ones again)


Theres the same lobbies (sing, china, etc). I guess the China one is having some issues right now fyi.


Looks like there’s these ones too



But I’m not 100% sure what their use cases are yet.

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  • Developer

lobby-us sends you to the US lobby specifically, lobby-prod sends you to the nearest lobby (whatever that happens to be). If you want to read about a server that lives in the US then you want to talk to lobby-us, because lobby-sing won't know anything about it.

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@名称I'm now trying to send a request to https://lobby.klei.com/lobby/read, but I'm running into a difficulty:
I need to know more about the "query" parameter, for example how do I filter requests by "name" or the player's kore id
There is another problem, too much data is returned, how can I control the amount returned per request

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