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One time use landing pad

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After playing hundreds of hours of Spaced Out, one of the more annoying/awkward parts that I'd love to see changed is the process for getting dupes onto a new asteroid, specifically getting a landing pad built so your first rocket can land. I find it's often a race to build that first pad before your dupe suffocates.

I was thinking of ways to improve it but also not make it too easy (e.g. enabling rovers to build pads would be too easy IMO).

My idea was to add a new single use landing pad that your rocket can land on, but only once. After landing the pad would be destroyed (and maybe even break the rocket engine in the process). The pad could either be built by the rover or could be deployed from the rocket itself. This would enable the rocket to get to the surface and help get your outpost started, but the rocket would not be able to get back up into orbit.

I thought this might be a fairly realistic improvement... feel free to disagree with me.  ;)


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Pro tip for you, you can manually put suit/oxygen mask on dupe, so charge your suit fully with oxygen, deliver it to rocket, and before your dupe land, manually select dupe to wear the suit you delivered earlier. You dont need stuffs like check points for this, and dupe have plenty of time before running out of oxygen

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I'd love to see Lift Rocket Module: allows you to land duplicant on a planet, but if you need to evacuate, the lift can transport you back to the rocket. This way you wouldn't need to land on the asteroid, or you could postpone it a little longer, rather than race with suffocation.

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7 hours ago, ZenTea said:

Better otpion would be "pioneer" module for rockets that would allow for landing without landing pad

That`s basically the trailblazer. If only it could take some cargo with it. Or launch back into the parent rocket.

Anyway on most planets i use either the payload launcher or the module to drop resources and then a rover to pick them up and deliver to the pad construction (the rover can`t build the pad itself but can deliver supply to it). Then whenever possible i make a basic base for a dupe so he won`t suffocate upon landing. If it`s impossible to dig inside with the rover you can always send other stuff via payloads and build a minibase on tthe top.

Still pretty tedious to do but can keep the dupe alive.

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