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I am currently working on a farm that utilizes the Bramble Traps. However they destroy fences and walls so there is a lot of safe space or areas where the critters don't trigger the Trap despite being in range of the device.
I propose a Bramble Wall, they are wall structures similar in health to a Wood Wall but have the benefit of the Bramble Husk. Either they can, or cannot do retaliation damage similar to the Bramble Husk if they are attacked. But more importantly (for me at least) damage from the Bramble Husk or the Bramble Trap does not damage these walls.
There are so many variations of farm and I think having one that utilizes the AoE power of the Bramble Trap as a Wormwood main would be amazing.

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maybe they could also slowly regenerate durability over time? 

oh, and bloom in spring! no extra effect, just visual. sorta like a decoration. maybe you could also use wax on it to stop its growing and fixate it in its current stage, until someone hits it. 

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