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Horticulture should work on Sea Weeds!!

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While real life barnacles are animals, and they are considered "meat" by the game's standards, the barnacles in Don't Starve Together are implied to be a sort of meaty plant matter akin to leafy meat. After all, they grow like flowers from sprouts planted on sea stacks, and once they reach maturity they turn into a large, tree-like flowering "weed", which releases pollen and has seeds.

By all means, sea weeds are a plant that grows, and I think it would give a very nice boost to their usefulness if Wickerbottom could force their barnacles to grow with Horticulture Abridged/Expanded. It'd be a nice boost to Wicker's early game if you choose to go out on the sea, and would make late-game barnacle farms extra effective!

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Yes, yes, yes, yes yes, please!! This and the ability to properly renew them would be an absolute dream! 
As of now you can replant them but you can't reproduce them in case any are burnt or lost, and are thus able to go extinct.
I love them so much so being able to interact with them more would be a miracle. 

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I would personally prefer we get the ability to make sea stacks ourselves. That way we can place Sea Weeds wherever we'd like. It would be nice to have a barnacle farm that is close to a shoreline or even a dock just so I can make use of the various barnacle recipes (they are quite useful).
Allowing Barnacles to be put in Tin Fishin' Bins also makes complete sense to me considering they are actually animals.

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