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suggestions for more moon books

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I saw Revoluszyn's post and it made me want to share more ideas for books

I think it would be great to see a little more moon magic in Wiker's books, as this character seems to have some interest in this type of magic.

and that's why I began to imagine that books could be useful in some way while entering into that kind of magic.

They're not solid ideas so I won't defend them, they probably won't work well implemented in the game, I just wanted to share the idea of adding more lunar content to wiker.


practical moon magic.

a minor version reduced in price and minor benefit

seeing what happened with the changes of the lunar grimoire and the different opinions that arose regarding its price or benefit, perhaps a viable option could be to obtain it in a progress of two books, increasing the number of uses of the grimoire perhaps 5 and decreasing the uses of its version reduced to 2, also in its reduced version the affected area could be limited to the location where the book was used or a number of tiles



basic astronomy

The point of this book would be to be able to control falling meteors as a weapon maybe in area attack, or to a specific area. they could drop small amounts of moonstones.



nocturnal poetry

a possible extinction of the Sleepytime Stories giving you and your friends a slight sanity boost slow like jelly beans but with sanity



spectral transmutation

summon some gestalt to help you in battle by sleeping and lightly hurting enemies. maybe useful with large amounts of enemies.

I imagined this book as the opposite version of Maxwell's warriors



moon biology

transform the plants and creatures on the tiles near you into moon versions


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Just making lunar grimoire an accessible book is enough, it doesnt need to split the book in X parts.

Just make it craftable in caveless worlds (like any other book) and a fair recipe to what the book actually does, sorry for my boring opinion that everyone already tired of reading.

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I see nice drawings, I press like. 'Grants for the images!

Sadly, at this point in Wicker's Beta, no new things will be added. Perhaps you may wanna make a mod with them though, am sure will be successful since you can manage well DST's art-style from what I can see in OP.

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