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[suggestion] Please adjust the raw materials of the fish book to fish food

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I didn't have spare time to experience beta recently, but when Wicker's refresh was launched, I immediately realized that Moon Phase Book, Fish Book, and Bee Book were probably the three most powerful of all books.

After a few tweaks, the Moon Book and Bee Book are back where they might be best suited.

But I think the fish book needs to be further adjusted and its ingredients should be changed to fish food.

Functionally, the effects of them are very similar, but the advantage of the fish book is:

  • it can immediately summon a school of fish,
  • replenish its durability automatically, in the bookcase
  • can be used multiple times.


Hope this suggestion doesn't seem too late since it is almost Wednesday.:juggling:


EDIT: i do think the ingredients of bee book should be hive the days before yesterday because it can continuously produce bees, it is actually a sealed hive, but since the bee follower has been modified to have an upper limit, it seems that it is not necessary to change its raw materials.

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wicker’s entire thing has always been easier acces to generic mechanics through her books. 

Fishfood for fishbook makes sense yes. So does mandrake for sleepytime stories but that would be pretty pointless. 

also its fish… which need a setup to be caught in the first place.. its food.. potatoes and a hundred other equally good sources exist.. 

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10 minutes ago, QuartzBeam said:

They're kinda not. A bunch of them spawn near the coast during world gen and remain there until someone picks them up.

Huh, sure enough.

Still feels like too much of a chore to go out and hunt them all, but that's just my opinion. I feel like the book is in a good spot right now as it already requires you to sail for driftwood to craft the tackle receptacle for making wooden bobbers. Difference comes in mass-producing them: one is dirt cheap, one takes a lot more effort. Considering Birds of the World is similarly cheap with a similar effect, I think the current recipe fits.

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