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Walter/Woby suggestion

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I just had a little idea concerning Walter, or Woby I should say, and thought it would be nice to share it. First, let me set the scene.

You're playing on a pub as Walter, chilling and collecting ressources on your way, and putting some of them in Woby.                                  Suddenly, you see a silhouette further away, walking towards you ; none other than dear Wilson. And what does Wilson do, as soon as he reaches you? He rummages through Woby, without even petting her beforehand! and steals everything, even your rot

Yes, that's what Wilsons do, and it's horrific, I know.

So here's my suggestion : anyone other than Walter gets bitten by Woby if they take something from her inventory. And just like that, people will think twice before stealing something from her again.

I don't know how many damages it should do, but enough so that Wilson doesn't do it again, I suppose. 

I mean.. wouldn't it be priceless to see "Wilson has been killed by Woby. He became a spooky ghost!" I would love that, personally, but tell me what you guys think! 

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I mean, from the gameplay standpoint, wouldn't be too bad if only Walter could access Woby's inventory.

There's really not a lot of situations where you'd benefit from another player being able to access, what is, essentially, your personal storage.

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Yeah I love Woby but so often people just walk over to you and rummage everything they can find out of her. So now her role is a dedicated keeper of hammers, razors, nitre and a tent roll, and other items I hope one decides that those items are worth stealing

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