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Setting structures on fire on your own should be harder

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If not impossible on your own at all. 

Thinking about extinguishing what griefers do with a new wickerbook got me a thought. Why would I ever want to set any structure on fire? It's so easy but only griefers do this. Removing a player's ability to set structures on fire would nerf griefers, they would still have a hammer though but i'm sure that would slow them down by a lot since setting something on fire is nearly instant while hammering takes a few swings. That would give more time for others to kick without letting them cause uncontrollable spreading fire.

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No, they don't need to change anything about it.

There's situations where you WOULD want to set fire on a structure. To make mobs take fire damage, to intentionally trigger an ice fling-o-matic, to heat yourself up (burning a sign is practically free for example) are some examples.

The kick and rollback options are there for a reason. It's good to have safeguards against the extremely easy forms of griefing (like placing a spider den at spawn) but intrusive features like this shouldn't EVER be implemented just because of griefers.

People will find a way, anyway. Fire spreads. You need to light fire for survival. How far down the chain would you need to go to make people unable to burn a structure? To remove fire spread to structures would also be to removing threats/risks related to fire like fire hounds, wildfires, etc.

If you really need such a feature on your server, there's server mods that stop you from being able to burn structures or stuff near them. To me they're a great example of why they SHOULDN'T be implemented into the game; they're not really relevant at all outside the situations where they're just annoying.

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21 hours ago, Cheggf said:

This is so obvious, how did I never think to do it before? Gotta add signs to the list of things I have precrafted. 

Sign is the easiest however tackle receptacle burns for much longer (meaning more heat per structure) and also gives back 100% resources back upon hammering 

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