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Can Warly get a couple QoL changes as well?

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With the new changes being rolled out for some characters I wanted to bring up the topic for discussion again.

Warly is a very supportive character that specializes in creating various dishes and spices to buff his companions as well as himself with his portable crock pot. He lacks a favorite dish, he can only eat crock pot foods (but he is penalized for repeat foods), he starves faster than other characters, and he has a special backpack with only 6 slots called a Chef Pouch that slows food spoilage by a small amount.

The thing is, Warly has very few (if any) personal perks to playing him, so I would like to suggest that Warly get a few personal benefits or so that set him apart from other characters in terms of playstyle and make playing him both fun and more immersive for his aesthetic.

A few ideas could include:

- A chance for extra servings of foods he makes in his portable crock pot. 

- Chop meat(s) into morsels.

- Reheat foods and dishes, one time per item, for a little bit of freshness.

- Be able to add spices to crock pot foods while they are cooking.

- Passively be able to craft raw meats into edible dishes without the need of a crockpot such as Large/Small Sushi or Tartare (same hunger value as raw, but without the health or sanity penalty) to give him use without his crock pot. 

- More spices made from naturally occurring resources such as carrots, moon glass, or lichen.

- Increased personal benefits from his own specialty dishes.

- Living crockpot-dish monsters that fight for him.

- A meat hook (someone else's idea I heard) or two on the Chef Pouch to dry a couple foods on the go.

I've seen much talk about no reason to make Warly easier as he is good as a challenge character, and I don't disagree, my intention isn't to suggest making him easier just more fun by increasing his immersion and giving players more reason to STAY as him instead of abandoning him after getting his recipes.

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Honestly, Warly is one of the most powerful characters in the game and he doesn't need any minor perks to get better. Not every character is meant to be beginner-friendly. I would only add longer effects from his foods and spices for Warly that for everyone else, so the Celestial Portal gang would stop complaining about him being a swap character (even though the would most likely find 10 other reasons withing the next 3 minutes if this was implemented)

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