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So Cannons... viable in a fight? Against Bosses?

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27 minutes ago, SaphironX said:

100 damage each, per shot

*200. With 120 AoE i believe.

I like them. I noticed that the angle in which you shoot the cannon is entirely dependent on what angle you approach the cannon, and after that you have a parallel radius; I just wish there was a perpendicular radius component too.

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Just now, Mike23Ua said:

How do you even make a canon? It says in the game some things must be discovered on your own.. 

IIRC; Give the Queen of the Moon Quey bananas while you don't have any cursed trinkets in your inventory. She'll give you the blueprints for most of the new update's items this way.


And if that doesn't work, then the buried treasure you find from killing Prime Mates should have it.

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